Benefits of joining the linkr network


Learning as part of a network increases interactivity and student engagement


Connected students and classes gain the freedom to interact and learn from each other


Students explore interests, communicate and connect with their peers while teachers monitor and facilitate learning

Enhanced learning experience

Students thrive when their classroom experience more closely resembles their connected way of life

Learning comes first

linkr is a network where teachers have access to pedagogic tools that provide safety, flexibility and control

Educational blogging

Networked learning is ideal for teachers who are introducing students to educational publishing and blogging

Skills for the real world

Networked learning facilitates teaching Critical Thinking, Digital Literacy, Cultural Sensitivity and Collaboration. These are essential skills students need to master for professional success in the 21st century

Empowering pedagogy

linkr is the ideal support for approaches such as Online coursework, Blended learning, Flipped classrooms, Active learning and Personalized learning

Language teaching

Connect language learners with native speakers. Let students learn through exposure to authentic language use

Distance learning and Online Programs

linkr increase opportunities for collaboration and communication between geographically separated learners and instructors. Specialized tools and an engaging and dynamic workspace increase learning outcomes in online and distance programs


Support and complement exchange and mobility programs

International visibility

Through the linkr network your institution will be increase its exposure to international students

Improved graduation rate

Enganged students have increased academic success

Save teachers time

Contrary to most educational technology, linkr was designed to save teachers time. Happy teachers, happy institution!


Already have an LMS? Great! linkr is not meant to replace what you have worked so hard to implement; it's designed to work with your LMS. (API coming soon!)

Key linkr features


Find teachers / matching / connect classes Intelligent search and matching tools, messaging, etc.

Educational blogging & online publishing

Post articles, Comment, Tag, Search, Like, Profile page, etc.

Privacy & control

GDPR compliant, Advanced privacy settings to give students control and safety, Teachers have complete control, Scalable privacy settings for classes and content


Messaging, Class space, Video chat (coming soon)

Teaching & pedagogy

Class management, Private class space, Content organization for teachers, Tracked learning outcomes, Assignment and grading (coming soon)

Thousands of students and teachers from hundreds of institutions
have already joined linkr

What an empowering tool. The idea that you can come together in a collaboration with a professor from a different country and a different pedagogy is enriching and students said to me: “that was the most engaging thing I have done this semester.”
Ann Pearlman

Communications Professor and International Curriculum Coordinator

State University of New York, Brockport

I think it is a great way to encourage students to participate!
Gretta-Olivia Ineza

Champlain College, Saint Lambert

linkr allows teachers and students from colleges and universities around the world to easily connect, collaborate and learn from one another; effective learning occurs through social interactions with peers and colleagues.
Lisa Deguire


Cégep de Jonquière

Great platform for exchanging ideas between students from different disciplines and universities.
Naomie Tat

Montreal University

We had an excellent experience! Students were able to browse the site of our collaborating classroom easily and gained a greater breadth of understanding. I'll be using it again.
Robin Roth

Associate Professor of Geography and Graduate Coordinator

University of Guelph

I was much more motivated. Blogging on my own topic and commenting on other people made me feel that my opinion mattered.
Natalie Geukers

Concordia University, John Molson School of Business

Your data is absolutely safe with us!

linkr is 100% GDPR compliant


No need for IT support or complex technical process. Using linkr is easy as it gets!

Starting linkr is easy

  • Nothing to download or install
  • No need to contact us for a demo
  • No credit card required

All you need is:

  • An institutional email
  • The desire to get your students engaged

Frequently Asked Questions

An institutional email address - that’s it!
  • Improve students’ experience, engagement and success without increasing workload. In class lecture and activities are made more meaningful for students, course content is updated and dynamic, and assignments are made more meaningful.
  • Blended learning and active learning classes are improved with linkr’s networking, publishing and management features.
  • Each student can personalize the learning experience and teachers learn what really matters to students in courses as they publish and collaborate with other students across disciplines and across the globe.
  • linkr builds student engagement, helps students find purpose, fosters creativity and writing skills, encourages digital literacy and critical thinking skills, lets students become culturally sensitive and aware, and serves as a second language mastery space.
linkr provides the perfect space for co-teachers to host and manage collaborative classes. If you don’t have a partner, linkr allows you to find collaborative teaching partners and even without a dedicated partner, students can find and collaborate with peers at linkr from day one.
  • Personalization: Each student makes each class his own, in part through online publishing applying course content in unpredictable ways, and also through collaboration with other students within the linkr network.
  • Authenticity: The potential for collaboration and publication makes schoolwork matter and give teachers access to students genuine concerns, interests, and ideas.
  • Opening doors: Enabling connections to students and classes from all over the world means students in classes with linkr access are free and empowered.
  • Meaningful activities: Coursework isn’t “busy work” it really can have an impact. This means students truly care about the work they submit to linkr.
  • Work-force Preparedness: Effective collaboration and communication skills are only increasing in importance in the workforce and linkr gives students an opportunity to build that skill-set in authentic experiences.

Classes from all disciplines have used linkr and new classes continue to arrive everyday to linkr from all disciplines. But some of the key classes in which linkr provides immediate impact involve:

  • Blended learning
  • Personalized coursework
  • Digital Literacy
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Multidisciplinary focus
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Language learning
  • Social Media
  • Active Learning
  • Each class has its own privacy control, such that a linkr class can be only visible to its own members.
  • Each post has its own privacy settings, so a student in a private class can share his content beyond the class
  • Each student owns her own content so can change privacy settings and unpublish material at his discretion.

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linkr is easy to use and will make your teaching more interactive