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  • Improve students’ experience, engagement and success without increasing workload. In class lecture and activities are made more meaningful for students, course content is updated and dynamic, and assignments are made more meaningful.
  • Blended learning and active learning classes are improved with linkr’s networking, publishing and management features.
  • Each student can personalize the learning experience and teachers learn what really matters to students in courses as they publish and collaborate with other students across disciplines and across the globe.
  • linkr builds student engagement, helps students find purpose, fosters creativity and writing skills, encourages digital literacy and critical thinking skills, lets students become culturally sensitive and aware, and serves as a second language mastery space.
linkr provides the perfect space for co-teachers to host and manage collaborative classes. If you don’t have a partner, linkr allows you to find collaborative teaching partners and even without a dedicated partner, students can find and collaborate with peers at linkr from day one.
  • Personalization: Each student makes each class his own, in part through online publishing applying course content in unpredictable ways, and also through collaboration with other students within the linkr network.
  • Authenticity: The potential for collaboration and publication makes schoolwork matter and give teachers access to students genuine concerns, interests, and ideas.
  • Opening doors: Enabling connections to students and classes from all over the world means students in classes with linkr access are free and empowered.
  • Meaningful activities: Coursework isn’t “busy work” it really can have an impact. This means students truly care about the work they submit to linkr.
  • Work-force Preparedness: Effective collaboration and communication skills are only increasing in importance in the workforce and linkr gives students an opportunity to build that skill-set in authentic experiences.

Classes from all disciplines have used linkr and new classes continue to arrive everyday to linkr from all disciplines. But some of the key classes in which linkr provides immediate impact involve:

  • Blended learning
  • Personalized coursework
  • Digital Literacy
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Multidisciplinary focus
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Language learning
  • Social Media
  • Active Learning
  • Each class has its own privacy control, such that a linkr class can be only visible to its own members.
  • Each post has its own privacy settings, so a student in a private class can share his content beyond the class
  • Each student owns her own content so can change privacy settings and unpublish material at his discretion.

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