About Me

Comfortable in my skin, I am an enthusiastic, creative and social ball of energy. I shine the brightest when inspiring, supporting and guiding others, and when sharing practical or interesting knowledge. Striving to be a role model to youth and a continuous student myself, education is where I belong.

Currently in my second year of Secondary Education at McGill University, my primary teachable is Mathematics and my second teachable is Ethics, Religion, and Culture. I also want to teach Spanish and have a Bachelor of Administration which may be suitable for me to teach Finance and Commerce.

As a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, one of my goals is to bring yoga, meditation, and mindfulness into schools to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety in staff and students, and inspire everyone to be themselves. 

I also rock climb, bike year round, and am preparing to juggle fire. Did I mention my love for camping, hitchhiking, unplanned adventures and health? My list of interests is vast and my desire to learn and try new things is endless.

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