About Me


My name is Jennifer Klein and I am a third year education student at McGill University. While my dream has always been to become a teacher, as I grew up and began working closely with kids, the dream has expanded to include being a teacher for students with special needs. I have worked with children since the age of 13 and in a variety of settings including: summer camp, daycare, being a dance teacher, a private music teacher, and most recently as a tutor.

While we always say school is so important for the students because they are constantly learning, I say this is also true for the teacher who stands at the front of the class. Teachers are always learning a new technique to teach certain topics, what learning styles his/her students have, or even just about the new hit show being talked about in the school yard.

Teaching has been my passion since I was a young girl, but my other passions include reading, cooking, baking, travelling, dance, music and Disney.

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