affect-brave new world

In “Brave New World” by aldous huxley, there are many emotions to feel towards each character but the one that stands out is sadness towards John. sadness is the condition or quality of being sad and being sad is feeling or showing sorrow, unhappy. In the novel we discover more and more about John's life and how he is the consumate of the director and his mother Linda. An exemple of sadness would be when you get terrible news about someone you care about or when you get bad news about something in your life.

For most of his life John grew up in his village on the New Mexico Savage Reservation where he was alienated by all the villagers there. His mother was hurt one day when she was visiting the reserve and some indians brought her in where she has lived ever since. Linda was not able to get an abortion on the reserve and was too ashamed to go back to the World state with the baby. His mother became an alcoholic and would sleep with the other womens husbands in the village. “One day, when he came in from playing, the door of the inner room was open, and he saw them lying together on the bed, asleep—white Linda and Popé almost black beside her, with one arm under her shoulders and the other dark hand on her breast, and one of the plaits of his long hair lying across her throat, like a black snake trying to strangle her.” In this quote we see the hate and sadness that John feels when he sees his mother sleeping with all those men especially Pope because he hated him so much. It also expresses sadness towards the readers because putting ourselves in his shoes and having to see that with our own eyes is just so upsetting and sad. 

The sense of sadness in the novel helps the readers understand why John finds sex dirty and violent and why he doesnt like it so much. Sadness is shown all across the novel in different parts of John's life from him not being allowed to be in the ritual and just being excluded from everywhere and everyone. It helped me understand the text because I felt the same emotion of sadness as did John from seeing his mother sleep around with all the different men. 

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