Are all essential workers really "essential"?

Ashton Hansen

Mrs. Wood



3rd Collaborate Post

When it comes to being an essential worker, I strongly believe that it needs to be people that hold a job of utmost importance. To me this is people that do jobs like being healthcare workers, any type of doctor, delivery people, law and a few others. They should consider these jobs all essential because it is oftentimes what we need to live our normal lives. There are many people doing what they can to sustain everyone as stated in an article from The Buzz, “They’re the people working in hospitals and grocery stores, on farms and in meatpacking plants. They’re keeping public transit, shipping and utilities running.” (Buzz, 1). This shows that our essential workers are the ones out there pushing themselves to make sure everything is still working in the economy.  The U.S. should think about what would benefit their own lives as well while keeping them safe. They should not worry about what the economy suffers in a certain aspect because if everyone gets sick then there will be no economy to sustain. In certain cases I believe that people should not be required to go to work if they do not want to during the pandemic but they are still responsible for it if they end up losing their job. To me I feel like if the person working is elderly then they should be able to go home and still be paid because they are in danger. I am kind of biased because I am a DoorDash driver but I do believe our wages should increase because we go just about everywhere to make sure people get the food they need, it does not matter if they are sick with covid or not we still make sure we get our jobs done. Also we could be delivering to people that are in quarantine in their home because of the fact that they may have COVID. I believe everyone that is made to work in the pandemic deserves to have their wages increased. For me I believe that the topic of an essential worker is correct. We have many people doing their jobs to make sure people are safe. I don't have much of an argument against it but I do believe that if people want to risk their lives to help others them let them do it with higher wages that way people who need money will offer to help but those who do not want to help they get sent home if they want with a pay minimum that way they can still sustain themselves. In my opinion I feel as if this would help our economy drastically while also keeping our cases of COVID low.

Jaggers, Z. (2020, May 05). Why We Need to Treat 'Essential Workers' Better. Retrieved October 17, 2020, from

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