Are Schools All To Blame For Bullying?

Studies were conducted in the United states, they showed that in elementary schools 19% of children were bullied. Bullying is a huge issue in practically every country although it starts at a young age in schools, this article goes over the effects bullying has and how schools and how schools play a big role in it (Dake,2003)

Firstly, bullying can cause plethora amount of effects on students such as, this is a stretch but it was shown that out of 37 school shootings two thirds of which claimed that they were bullied, or a victim of some sort of suffering, not all the claims were linked directly to bullying but it seems as though bullying may have an effect on a child or teens mental state. Studies have shown there to be a correlation between bullying and psychological and academic issues amongst students (Dake,2003)

Furthermore, studies have shown that bully victims tend to be less attractive, and that boys are more likely to engage in the act of bullying while girls are just as likely to be involved with verbal bullying (Dake,2003)

Moreover, schools is where most bullying takes place in younger years although how and why does it occur. Studies found that responsive and supporting parents decreases the likely hood of bullying and that a father figure decreases the chances of a child being bullied slightly. They also found a correlation between socioeconomic status and bullying, a lower socioeconomic class was found to be more involved with bullying (Dake,2003)

To conclude, bullying has plethora of effects on students, and derives from many factors like economic status all the way through gender, attractiveness and some of these issues stem from home. How can we better prevent bullying in schools?

Dake, Joseph A., James H. Price, and Susan K. Telljohann. "The Nature and Extent of Bullying at School." The Journal of School Health, vol. 73, no. 5, 2003, pp. 173-80. ProQuest,, doi:

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