Are you considered essential??

Tarrant County College Northwest

GOVT 2305 Federal Govt Section 31610

Fall 2020

Due date: 10/19/2020

Topic: Essential workers

By: Holland Wells

I think it’s safe to say this pandemic caught everyone in the world by surprise. We were forced into our homes to quarantine and told not to leave. How are we going to continue our everyday lives? How will they decide whose jobs will shut down and who is considered essential??

 Now to begin, I do believe that if you have to work in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and your job is “essential” you should be compensated. You are putting your life on the line every single day, and risking getting sick just so you can do your job and help others. If you ask me that takes a hero with a lot of integrity to do something like that. (Especially for $11 an hour) You more then deserve a raise.

 For example, I worked at Walmart as soon as it all started, and we were considered essential. A grocery store has to stay open, people need food, and cleaning supplies etc.. It got so hectic in the store that we had to start implementing extra rules and putting limits on products because people were buying too many. It was seriously so busy every single day and I can only imagine the number of people coming in and out the store all day. Which puts us at a bigger risk. 

When this happened, Walmart acknowledged how it could affect us as employees and made some new rules if you were feeling sick or too scared to come to work. They also gave us a nice bonus which was very appreciated. Other jobs all over the united states such as amazon, target, and other retail stores gave their employees raises for working hard during this tough time and that’s how it should be.

As for who we should consider “essential” should be any business that we can’t live without! If this place is closed the majority population will be affected. If that’s not the case then the business should be closed. Some things I didn’t completely understand like closing places earlier than usual. In my opinion, that forces everyone to try and go at the same time because they have to rush before the place closes. Some things have been taken too far and some may need to be taken farther. Either way it’s important to stay safe and do your best to pull your weight.


Helmenegilde Niyongabo October 19, 2020, 5:22 AM

Hey Holland! there I agree with you when you said that Essential workers should be all those ones working in a primary needs sectors like food, health,.... And I think these people deserves a big raise considering on how thy sacrifice themselves when serving the nation. It's true that the pandemic is there but was too much exaggerated.

Morgan Elliott October 19, 2020, 1:00 PM

I completely agree that all the employees that worked during the pandemic deserved a raise, and personally, I did not receive one. I did not think about your point of closing places early and its negative impact on the issue.

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