BIO Claudina Ocando

I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, is a beautiful place but suffers from high temperatures and high humidity. It is sunny everyday!!!!, it is called "tierra del sol amada" ( city loved by the sun) the food is super yummy, fruits are juicy and HUGE, people are very friendly and loud (like most latinos) .

The area I grew up is known for its colorful houses, warm weather, the unique indigenous lake villages and canoe traffic still found on the lake, the famous bridge across the lake, its own style of Afro-Venezuelan folk music called gaita Zuliana, its unique dialect (the people speak quickly and roughly and use the Castilian “vos” plural), and for generally being culturally different from Caracas (the capital) in every way.

I got my B.A on Early Childhood education there, worked for 12 years for an International school , where I learn many great things from foreign hired teachers from all over the world, mostly North American and Canadians, I got married in 1999 with the love of my life,who I met when I was only 17 (last year of high school) had two wonderful boys. I left my country of origin due to political-economical crisis , street violence, and lack of opportunities. I left 7 years ago.

I came to Montreal, Canada in June 23, 2012. To build a life with someone, to work hard for years, and then to leave everything behind was hard, to try to put everything on 4 pieces of luggage was surreal, but Montreal is a city of immigrants, everybody has been very welcoming.

While our children went to French public school , my husband started working, I register for the francisation programm at UQAM , where I learned french.

1 year later I started working for a bilingual daycare,teaching English and Spanish to francophone children. After getting my comparative studies and teaching permit I decided to change my job, I got hired by the EMSB English Montreal School board , I have been substituting for Elementary public schools for 11 months. I also teach Spanish to middle school girls (at a private school).

I have been working for day-cares and schools since I was 17 years old. My mom was also a teacher who later became a University professor . We share our love for reading and teaching.

What I love about being in education is that it provides opportunities to help improve the lives of others, and to improve my life too, every school year is different , different students, parents, co-workers, we update techniques, it is always changing, always evolving.


Gabrielle Dostaler January 17, 2019, 11:52 PM

Nice to meet you!

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