Biography Questionnaire

1. Personality: What personality traits are your strengths? (Public speaking? Creative ideas? Compassion? Confidence? Humor? ). How will these strengths help you achieve your academic goals?


b. Humorous  

c. Quiet

d. Responsibility


2. Skills: What activities you are able to perform given your personal background that may be unique? (Languages? Musical Instrument? Mechanics? Fashion Design? Cooking? Web design?)

a. Swimming

b. Singing

c. Cooking

d. Riding bicycle


3. Interests: If you had unlimited time to spend on developing certain skills or abilities for your own interest and benefit what skills would you work on?

a. I want learn to play at least one musical instrument like piano, or drums.

b. I want to learn more languages.

c. I want to learn more skills about nursing career.  

d. I also want to learn how to ride motorcycle.

4. Problems: What do you see in the news that bothers you? What aspects of the world that deserve improvement make you particularly upset?

a. Black live matters because I think all lives are matter and equal.

b. Children got abused sexually and physically.

c. Racisms news

d. Third world countries need help.

5. Possible Collaborators: Do you prefer to work in person or collaboratively online? Would you like to work with other students in this class? On this campus? Or in some other part of the world? Or alone? With older students? Professionals? Younger students?

a. I would like to work online.

b. I don’t mind working with other students in the class because I like meeting a lot of friends.

c. I would love to work with people all over the world and meeting friends all over the world

d. I can work with anyone, I don’t care who you are.

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