Biography Questionnaire

1. Personality: What personality traits are your strengths? (Public speaking? Creative ideas? Compassion? Confidence? Humour? ). How will these strengths help you achieve your academic goals?

a. compassion- when working in nursing you must have compassion for the patients

b. driven- this is necessary to get through college and nursing courses

c. patience- hard work needs patience to be completed with the best due diligence

d. reliable- I will not give up or leave when things get tough


2. Skills: What activities you are able to perform given your personal background that may be unique? (Languages? Musical Instrument? Mechanics? Fashion Design? Cooking? Web design?)

a. athleticism

b. people skills

c. cooking

d. organization


3. Interests: If you had unlimited time to spend on developing certain skills or abilities for your own interest and benefit what skills would you work on?

a. learning another language

b. public speaking

c. proper writing skills

d. weightlifting

4. Problems: What do you see in the news that bothers you? What aspects of the world that deserve improvement make you particularly upset?

a. Covid-19 controversy: referring to the hospitals falsifying Covid-19 cases

b. The election: this election is causing a divide between the people

c. The BLM Protests: there has been a good deal of property damage as well as even more division between people because of these protests

d. Defund the police: I understand the argument for this, but I believe that if the issues these people are bringing up are true then we should be funding them more and not defunding them

5. Possible Collaborators: Do you prefer to work in person or collaboratively online? Would you like to work with other students in this class? On this campus? Or in some other part of the world? Or alone? With older students? Professionals? Younger students?

a. When it comes to online learning I prefer to work alone, but am open to working collaboratively

b. I rather work with students in my own classes, as we have heard all the same things in class and are on the same page

c. I have generally worked better with older classmates, but an open to working with anyone

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