Chapter 2, Day 1

I am writing this immediatley after reading my first ever chapter of the Daodejing. To be completely honest, I first thought of this book as being very philosophical and never straight to the point of what they really want to convey, but I was greatly surprised by the first line of my chapter:

"Everyone in the world knows that when the beautiful strives to be beautiful, it is repulsive."

Woah. I was shocked. How can a kind Chinese philosopher on a water horse can right this as the first line of the second chapter?! There, my assumptions of the book vanished, and I reflected on the concept of wuwei throughout my reading, even though there are far more interpretations I can come up with with this chapter. I always thought of wuwei as being lazy, inactive or even a coward (I am sorry), so I didn't agree much with it. After reading, though, I reflected that this concept might not be that, but perhaps an accepting concept of the way things are. I thought about how they probably believed in acceptance, and not acting to change the way things are (let it be), which is a far more acceptable definition for wuwei than mine. We should then accept ourselves, and not act to change ourselves or try to be someone we are not because "when the beautiful strives to be beautiful, it is repulsive." I love it!

You are beautiful, don't change! WUWEI everyone! Wuwei for the win!

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