Chapter 38 day 5

After five days of reading this chapter, I feel that I have improved my understanding on the meaning of this chapter. At first, it all seemed so confusing and complicated. But as the days progressed, I feel I have understood the chapter a lot better than when I started.

I feel this chapter is telling me to not try to disturb the natural order. We should make our own path, and not base our path on what others are doing, or what they want us to do. I feel this is what the chapter is trying to say. The book uses virtue as an example. "Those of the lowest Virtue never stray from Virtue and so they lack it." What this quote says is that people who have the lowest virtue, are always virtuous, because it's the way that society wants us to be. We are expected to be someone who we are not! In the end what does it matter? If we decide to be someone we are not, we will end up being unhappy. So we should all just follow our own paths and not let society shape us. This is the true meaning of the chapter.

This chapter means a lot to me. Because I do feel that I act based on how society wants me to act, and I can't really be my own person. Over the past 5 days, I realized how much society really impacts us. We can't have any freedom, to be who we are. The chapter isn't telling me to be an evil person. I feel it's just trying to tell me to not act based on how others act. I should just follow my own path and not think about how it would impact others. In the end, it would probably make me a lot happier!

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