Chapter 53, Day One

Tonight I am sitting in my bed, exhausted after a long day (I'm sure many of you can relate) and excited to sleep, but only after having read my chapter of the Daodejing !

"The great Way is smooth and easy; Yet people love to take shortcuts."

This particular quote stuck with me the first time I read chapter 53. I've heard many times people say that happiness comes from working hard, and that those who take the easy way out are weak and rely on short-term happiness. However, I feel like Laozi (had he existed) believes we are simply naturally drawn to do things as easily as possible, even if things should already be easy to begin with. Maybe Dao is a different kind of easy? Not the easy "stealing" kind that is mentioned later in the chapter, but easy as in "peace of mind". Honestly, it's hard for me to put all of this in words. I sometimes realize that I feel a lot happier if I simplify my life, not by stealing or cheating, but by changing my perspective and not focusing on every single detail.

This is actually pretty fun, I'll probably interpret the other lines of the chapter tomorrow. Good night ! :-)

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