Chapter 57, day five

This is the final reading and from the first day that I started doing those little text about my chapter I was always really intrigued by what my classmates were writing. I think my experience with this reflection was different then others. A lot of time I saw that people were saying that they had a lot of different perception of their chapters and asked to myself, Am I doing it wrong? I don't really but for me my chapter as only one good interpretation. I really enjoyed doing this because I found that interesting that I was kind of disagreeing to what they were saying even tho this is something that people really believed and maybe put in action.

My chapter is all about ruling and the best way to do it. Practically every single line of the chapter was a rule, for example "The more clear the laws and edicts, the more thieves and robbers." what they are saying is that if it's too strict people will want to do bad stuff. It's like when someone tells you to not do something but you just want to do it more. They are saying that the ruler or king should not be too direct with the people, not be too mean and just let them "live". They think people are good on their own and they don't need anybody to guide them or tell them what to do or what not to do. Also, when I read the DDJ and Political Philosophy it really makes me think about what my chapter is saying and it really helped me understand my chapter better

The chapter really opened my eyes because I realized that the society then and now is so different. I could not say that I related that much with this chapter because I felt like the way they described how to govern a population didn't really accommodate with what I personally think. On some points I think that what they are saying is true but I feel like in every country there should be some authority but not too much. Everything in life should be balance in my personal point of view.

This was a really interesting experience and would recommend to everybody to try it.

Laozi. The Daodejing.

Or, Bethany. Knowledge in the ancient world, Lecture, September 18 2019.

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