Chapter 8, day five

I just had the final reading of my chapter and I’m ready to give my final thoughts on the whole thing. So, I previously mentioned in my first entry that the chapter focused a lot on good and water and the similarities that they could have. My perception of that has now changed. The chapter in my opinion refers to a lot on one's life. The water, like the highest good references the way, of how we must let things flow and not try too much and force ourselves which is the opposite of the Dao way. By letting the good flow like water, you are able to go past your obstacles on your problems. You have to let it flow basically. The final line of the chapter, the word "contend'' takes its full meaning there. Only by avoiding the problems that you create yourself can you then erase the unnecessary blame that one puts on his shoulders. Whenever ones try the slightest to contend with an issue, they stop ‘flowing’. By doing so, you can come back up stream later with a solution.

As to specifically what I think about my chapter, it’s very similar to what I mentioned above. You have to follow the way or be one with the Dao like Miss Bethany would say. We have to try and let loose, relax ourselves and relieve the body from all these problems that we in our mind create. The final line of chapter 8 is the following: ‘Only by avoiding contention can one avoid blame’. It’s so hard to do yet so easily said. By not bothering with something, we avoid all harm to ourselves and as thus become happier and less tensed.

My readings really opened new horizons on how to see things and mostly life in general. Now, whether or not I’ll be able to apply this way of living is another story but I enjoyed doing this. For the small amount of time it took its a nice change.

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2. Or, Bethany. "The Daodejing (DDJ) & the Daoist Tradition (Part Three)" Knowledge in the Ancient World, 18 September 2019, Champlain College, Saint-Lambert, QC. Lecture.

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