Chapter twenty-four, Day five

During these five days of lecture, I didn't always know what to write. I often struggle to determine what the author of a text is trying to say when it's not said clearly, I struggle reading between the lines. But philosophy is just about that. Each chapter of the Daodejing is stating rules of living according to the Dao, but they are not explicit, you have to understand them and reflect on them in order to find these rules. Reading the same chapter during five consecutive days really helped me understand it better.

After reflecting on it, I think this chapter is about being humble. You shouldn't seek attention by bragging on your accomplishments, by affirming your views loud and clear, or by trying to boast yourself. All of these will result in a loss of merit, credibility and forgetfulness by others. It's usually not what we are trying to be at their eyes. According to the Way, excess provisions and pointless activities are not recommended. I thing what the Dao is saying is that you should keep a low profile and not try to be something bigger than you are. Be humble about who you are, what you think and what you do.

Even if at first I was hesitant about this assignment, I'm glad to have done it because I feel like I understand a little more about this course and what it is supposed to teach us about each other.

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