"Conflict Video"


Conflict is difficult to define, because it occurs in many different settings. Thus, CONFLICT refers to any situation in which there are incompatible Goals, Cognitions, or Emotions within or between individuals or groups that lead to opposition or antagonistic interaction or A conflict is a struggle between people which may be physical, or between conflicting ideas. The word comes from Latin conflingere Conflingere means to come together for a battle. Conflicts can either be within one person, or they can involve several people or groups.

This video shows the conflict between three siblings. They continuously cry, scream and slap each other for the whole day due to their high temper. Their mother is very disturbed by their unusual behaviour, she is trying to control her kids by talking and listening to them. Kids love to contend. They need their plans to be every other person's thoughts. They like to demonstrate that they are correct and you and every other person aren't right. Children like to control the circumstance. They appreciate having control over their parents.


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