Earth's Lungs

I consider the forest as a big pillar in our society. Yes, it's really important for the economy, but beyond this, it's a peacefull place, where we can go to relax, to practice different activities or to recharge.

I don't go really often to a camp or just in the forest to do activities, but I certainly remember the times that I went and the memories I made. So, even if I don't spend much time in it, the forest takes a great place in my heart. This being said, we are so lucky to possess this great environment so I think it's really important to preserve it and take care of this treasure.


Nadeige Desmarquis September 17, 2020, 1:08 AM

Your post really reflects what forest means to me also. I like your way of depicting the forest as a fun and relaxing place. People usually tend to portray the economic side of the forest more than the sides that impact us the most. I don’t visit the forest often either, but I can’t deny the enormous benefits this place can provide to mental and physical health.

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