Ethics within Professional individuals

Professionals belong to Professional bodies. Each of these Professional bodies have specific standards to be adhered to. The internal auditors /auditors have to adhere to ethical principles which are:

§ Integrity;

§ Objectivity;

§ Confidentiality;

§ Competency

Each of the above principle includes the rules of how one has to conduct him when he performs an audit task. For example, integrity includes honesty, diligence, responsibility, observing the law, not to engage in acts that discredit the Professional body or an organization.

What I realized is that these principles should not only be applicable to Professional individuals but to all human kind.

An organization too, should have an ethical framework which its members have to adhere to.



Hope Windle teacher March 18, 2019, 2:17 AM

Hi Lulu! Thanks for posting. Love to read more on what your commentary is all about. Would this be a topic for a COIL collaboration? Looking forward to seeing your video and what you would like to focus your collaboration on and what courses and topics you teach. We just had a delegation of Nursing Students visiting your university in Pietermaritzburg. I work with Penny Orton and Dudu Sokhela, COIL Coordinators at DUT. Best, Hope

Lulu Jali teacher March 18, 2019, 2:17 AM
Replying to Hope Windle

Thanks Hope. Ethics is what is closer to my heart and in my video I am looking for a partner to work with on cultural ethics. Coming from a country like South Africa (a rainbow nation), one may get lost in terms of what is right or wrong, that is why I could like to widen my students' knowledge about the other cultural ethics. I am trying to upload my video.

Margaret DeGaetano teacher March 18, 2019, 6:48 PM

I have no idea how my Meteorology class could be coiled with ethics but I will continue exploring and pondering ideas

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