From a Small Place

Throughout the text "From a Small Place" by the author Jamaica Kincaid, it is clearly illustrated that Antigua is just beautiful tourist destination and that foreigners only see it as that, and not for its rich and tragic history. This is why, we chose this particular image of a beautiful resort along side a long white sanded beach with clear blue water. This provides an exact representation of a perfect tourist destination that you would want to visit. As westerners, we travel to these places for our own benefit and kind of take advantage of it. Without realizing the struggles that the people on these tourist destinations have to endure on a daily to somewhat make our stay as enjoyable as possible and cater to our needs. We mock and ridicule the workers and citizens of these places because we feel superior and better than them thus we tend too look down on them.

With a big tourist destination like Antigua, how do you think tourist perceive locals when they are on vacation?

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