Healing America

Tarrant County College Northwest

GOVT 2305 Federal Govt Section 31610

Fall 2020

Due: 11/20/20

Topic: Healing America

Maria Cena

America, the place you can dream and no limits to what can come true. The place where you should feel no fear because all is loved and respected. The one country you live stress free. Yea… literally not how it truly is. At least my family back home always make it seem like that. Right now more than ever we are extremely divided. Every country will always have their own differences with out a doubt. It is just extremely upset that the one country that is always being looked up to the most has lately been going down hill with so much violence. I truly feel it all has to do with respect toward one another. No one has a filter on how to say things. Especially political figures and even celebrities. We don’t all have to agree on everything or think the same. I mean this world would be so boring if we all thought the same way and did the same things. We should all be allowed to think and belief in what ever we desire. I feel like this division began with election. Honestly the last thing we needed considering this awful pandemic we are living through. We are trying to heal from one thing when another spikes. The way Biden and Trump presented them selves is truly unacceptable. My six year old knows better. You treat others with respect. Simple as presenting what they had to offer and that was it. They don’t think we are being watched by so many what we do they will do. The way we talk they will talk to one another. I find it ironic how then they will come out to the media saying how violent protest have gotten or how all they want is peace. You can’t say that when you have triggered the worst side of human beings and expect different. Especially now a days when social media is playing a huge role in our society where its political memes to celebrities encouraging you to bash on a politician. That drives me insane. Especially when I see someone not know a single thing of what truly goes on and very ignorantly shares something just because that one celebrity is someone they really like. We have all just become either followers or gone through the road of pure hate because of ignorance. I also find it disgusting how some celebrities don’t know or make sense on half the things they preach. Let be honest here they do it for attention fame and money. Not all but at least more than half of them do. Ill give you guys some homework. Go check out one celebrity you know has recently been “into politics” lately and look into there follower or fan ratings. Media has played a very negative role in every situation but I feel like truly has hit its limits now. We need to stop believing so much what the media is saying and start looking into true cited information.  We will never heal if we keep reading all this nonsense.


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