How to become a good sports journalist

A big part of why sports are popular is because it is easy for people to understand and one of the main reason it is that easy to understand is that there are specialists, players and even journalists to explain the game to everyone. The journalists specializing in sports have a big job to do in the way people see the game. They are the one who have the closest access to the players and coaches, they describe and analyze every game. In major sports leagues, every game of every team is covered by the local medias. So, if being a sports journalist is such a big role, how to become one , and a good one.

The first thing you need to have if you want to be specialized in sports is passion for the game, if you don’t like sports, do not cover it, talk about it and watch it, you will hate your job. It is also important to practice writing game resume or articles, not just for the job, but also for fun. Try to have some work experience wherever you can. Interview a lot of sports people, even if it’s not the best players in the world. An interview with a local team coach can do a pretty good practice. And the last but not the least, talk to many sports journalists as you can. Learn from them, the route they took to be where they are now and their career experiences.

There is one thing really important, first you need a degree in journalism or communications, to know how to interview people, reporting principles and journalism ethics. Then, you need a good portfolio, to prove your skills, and need to gain some experience where you can. The last step is, in most cases not considered, but it is to continue education, or at least considering it. If you have a higher degree or bigger qualification, it may help you get out the lot, because there are so many sports journalists and it is hard to kickoff a career in that field. New digital technologies knowledge may help you a lot, as this is the new era of journalism, things like multimedia journalism is really interesting for an employer.

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