How to cover an event

In your daily life, you might have seen journalists cover different events. Story and news such as political conferences, sporting events, trials or cultural shows are covered by journalists. It can seem easy to be present at an event and report what happened justly.At the complete opposite, there are many things you must master before covering an event. This presentation will focus on two aspects. First, indispensable tasks must be executed for your coverage. Second, you will learn the common advice and how to realise them. 

Without further due, we will dive into all those tips. 


The first advice I will give you is to prepare well for your coverage. The subject approached in the event should be well known. The persons that will attend the event must be found by you before the day. As other preparation, a recorder, some papers (to take notes) and a camera must be used during the event. The recorder is fundamental to keep the content in your hands after the meeting. If you want the person to be cited in your article, the recorder will be your best help. The camera is used to illustrate the event for the public. If your article is not accompanied by any visual, your coverage has failed. You want your public to feel like they were there. Also, the paper you will bring is important for your own notes. The notes are taken to remember easily what was important. After the coverage, you should write your article quickly. Information are recent in your head. 


During the event, the journalist is supposed to be proactive. Do not be afraid to ask questions and more information. When you are shy, the content is likely to be missed. 

You should also have an idea of the additional content you want for your article. A simple framework should be prepared before the event. The framework is used to keep some question ideas. On the other hand, the framework must be changed after the event. You will learn some information during the event that will change your questions. Another tip is to put some content on social medias during the event. The public is advised that you are following this event. The next steps are made after the event. The lead of your article is supposed to describe in a small amount of words the event. It is recommended to put some quotes of the people there to give a great idea. Do not forget to cite well and to put pictures. 


In conclusion, you should do an adequate preparation to make the greatest work during your coverage. Also, you need to bring a framework in case of interviews. Most importantly, record the coverage to have content. Finally, one last advice, do not be shy! 

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