How to do a white balance

Before every shooting, a process named the white balance is extremely important. A good camera operator will do this procedure every time. In the menu of your camera, there are many settings that you can change for the quality of the image but, this one will the biggest difference. The white balance is a setting that will set your camera with the best color temperature (scale of color that goes orange to blue). The color temperature will change in function of the lighting. If the source of lighting is tainted in orange like a candle, the color temperature will be lower. So, you need to light your subject adequately. Some settings need to be adjusted and some manipulations will be necessary. The main steps of doing a white balance is the lighting, the aperture, the focus and the shutter speed. You will need some special materials too.

First, to make a white balance, you need a camera that has some sort of setting about white balance. You need to have lighting. It can be natural lights, like the sun or the moon, or artificial lights, like lamp and others. The most important material that you will need is a big white sheet.


1- Set lights all around your subject and make sure that he is captured by the camera. A bad lighting can cause image noise. Image noise is a default in the image that made it a little bit blur. If it happens, the sensors of your camera will maybe capture the wrong color temperature.

2- Adjust the aperture. The aperture is the amount on light you let enter in your camera. So, if the camera captures too much light or not enough light, the color temperature will be distorted.

3- Put your subject to focus (Action of making sure that you subject is not blur by a handle on your camera).

4- Adjust the shutter speed (Numbers of images captured in one second by the camera). A higher shutter speed will bring more light to the camera. You need to adjust the shutter speed and the aperture together.

5- Put the white sheet in front of the lense.

6- Push the button white balance on your camera or if you have not one, select the preset that is the most adapted to your set of lighting.

You may face some trouble making a white balance. You need to know that you need a certain amount of white on your image. Maybe after doing it, you will not have the color temperature that you want. The composition of your sheet of paper can change the result.

In conclusion, make sure that all your settings are good before doing a white balance and make sure that you have a good lighting. Never forget to do a white balance because that you will make all the difference.


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myriam tremblay March 22, 2019, 4:41 PM

Hi ! I loved to read your text. I have learned to do a good white balance for my futur project. But, I would have done a less long introduction for the text. Therefore, it is a good text with a lot of good worlds !

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