Influencers in Publicity

In publicity, influencers are persons who can motivation customers to act while they are in their process of buying a product or a service, in which they have interest in. By their notoriety and their lot of followers on social platforms, instagram as an exemple, they will affect the spending habits of their community. They play an important part in today's publicity techniques, those persons are at the center of the social media game, wich take a great part in our society.

On the purpose of getting the best out of our influencers, we need to firstly need to know who we are adressing for. Our target group, type of people we have an objective on reaching with the publicity, will influence on whom we may want to choose. It is very important to know them because we will adapt the whole publicity in their interest. Every object, sign, color is thought with the perception of our audience to really catch their attention. We will even create a personna, a fictional person with emotions, goal, economic state, etc, to really have a precise audience to the message we are trying to pass. We need an influencer who will have the target group’s attention by his prescence on social media like facebook, instagram or youtube, becausd they are the most popular social media and we want to reach the most people as we can. Thus, the more we know our target audience, the more we can choose an adequate influencer for our campain.

After, you will need to analyse the influencer and this is important because you want him to represent your company as best as possible. In publicity, it is very important to be coherent with every each of our action. The more coherent you are, the more you will be able to fidelize, to be in a habbit of the costumer, your client and to interact with him more. In this world, where many publicity past without us noticing, we need to catch that 0,5 second to make that person listen to our publicity. Thus, having an influencer who represent are target group is important. You will have to know what this influencer his saying and what emotion this person is giving throught his content. If everything his accorded to your publicity’s campain message, you will know that this influencer is good for the image of your mark, the first image that will think the costumer when they are hearing or seeing your company’s name..

To conclude, to have the best choice when you take your influencer, you have to concider two things, your target group and your influencer hitself. Those two are important to represent the image of the mark and to fidelize the client. They are the tricks that publicist use to make the best content for their target group.



Carolanne Turcotte March 22, 2019, 7:08 PM

Thanks for the article! That helps me with my projects. The only problem that I could see is that your article is too short: there are so many things more to say! But you did a great job with that!

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