Module 4: Differences & Similarities - Discussions and Memes

After the icebreaker activity, and getting to know your group members a bit better, I would like you to think further about the similarities and differences between cultures and people. Therefore, I will ask you to work on two activities:

1) Please pick one of the group a members and find 10 differences and 10 similarities between that member and yourself. You can start with talking about your introductions.

2) After you discuss similarities between yourself and your group member, please find a meme about the culture in which you live, and a meme about the culture in which your group member lives, and share them with your group member and ask them how they think and feel about the memes. Please also discuss the memes that you group member found.


Philisiwe J. Mchunu teacher April 3, 2019, 10:12 AM

Hi Ebru, I like it, however you might want to scale the similarities differences down, 10 may be too many as it will become 20 in total, and this excluding the memes. Having said that, I also like the idea of memes.

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