News Literacy, Misinformation and Free Speech Assignment

When it comes to our social media platforms and how they interpret and twist the information given to us, we can’t really do anything to stop them due to our first amendment. In todays time, if we were to try and put regulations on what can be put online then it would cause even more of a riot in society. I believe it is completely up to us when it comes to what we want to believe and what we are told to believe by the media. In the article that I have been reading to support my viewpoint it says, “an elected official is dependent on their social media success, which means any monetary or legal harm they dole out to those companies may impact their own financial success.” (Leetaru, 21). This shows that if we were to regulate what is posted on social media platforms then it could ruin so many different careers of different individuals. It would change our viewpoints in society so much if we were to regulate. It could change many people’s ideas on government because we aren’t given the toxic feedback from our media outlets. So personally, I believe that we should not be allowed to regulate the media because it gives people the chance to have the choice of what to believe in.

Leetaru, K. (2019, April 21). Governments Can't Regulate Social Media Because They Are Too Dependent On It. Retrieved September 16, 2020, from



Matias Beniluz September 22, 2020, 1:42 PM

Hi. I agree with you regarding the issues that would arise from censuring on social media. I think that there should be something implemented that's in between completely controlling social media and letting people spread out false information such as just putting a label indicating that a post may contain false information. That said, Harry Gensler, a professor of philosophy, would argue that one's opinion on this issue simply depends on their culture. Therefore, he'd say that both sides are choosing what is morally right in their eyes.

Filip Vasileski September 22, 2020, 3:34 PM

Hi, I also agree with your take that regulating what the media says does interfere with the right of free speech. According to Harry Gensler, a cultural relativist, there is no right or wrong when it comes to opinion as people of different cultures share different morals so therefore a journalist should be allowed to say whatever he wishes when writing on a given subject. However, the problem with mainstream media is that they practically all share the same ideology and this makes for similar interpretations on the same subject from one article to another. Therefore, a different take on a subject from a less known media organization will surely have less reach and influence on people than mainstream media. Opinions from people then become biased and moral take on a subject becomes an objective standard rather than a moral claim.

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