November 28, 2018

The first theme that I noticed during the circle and square exercise was that community matters. The community is the foundation in which indigenous peoples raise children. It wasn't only the job of the parents to upbring a child in the ways that they should be. The circle demonstrated the value of having a large support system in which every group plays an important role. The culture and he medicine in the center, the first circle is the children that are surrounded by the parents or guardians who take care of the younger generation, followed by the circle of mentors who guide the parents and the circle of elders that pass down stories and educational knowledge from previous generations. No circle holds more importance than the other. In essence, for the community to be functioning, every group must play their part.

Another key message brought me back to the first day of Indigenous studies class. I was new to to learning about indigenous affairs in higher education. One of the first things that was brought to my intention was the different worldviews Indigenous Peoples have when it comes to politics. Furthermore, In the circle talk,  I learned the negative views  Indigenous Peoples have  on voting for political parties. Many Indigenous Peoples don’t vote because they don't acknowledge this form of government. Which decreases even more their representation in governmental parties. This a unfortunate because it diminishes their chances of their voices being heard in policy making.


sobika krish December 24, 2018, 6:05 AM

I completely agree with what you are saying about their sense of community. Their communities are basically like a big family which is very insipiring because their sense of community is exactly what other communities need. That mentality of sharing and caring for other people is what keeps communites together. As for the talking circle I really like how you mentioned that the talking circle is the only important circle because when I think about you are copmpetely right I can't think of any other circle with the same amount of significance.

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