October 10th, 2018


In the story “The Marrow Thieves”, a lot of topics are being touched throughout the literature. Specifically, during the pages 80-145, the issue of trust comes up. I believe the author is trying to indicate to the readers the trust issues that indigenous peoples have due to the deceit and deception of colonization. For example, when Ming and Isaac welcomed a group of people in need into their house, thinking that they were harmless and those people ended up betraying them by informing the recruiters. The absurd thing is that the group of people were Anishinabek.I essence, the fear of trusting not just the colonizers but people in general.

In addition, another topic which was highly examined in this section was the cruelty and dangers of residential schooling. The colonizers did not view indigenous children as people, rather than soules that can be saved. The famous line of “kill the indian to save the child” demonstrates the merciless actions of stripping children from their cultures, families, religious beliefs and communities. They were forced to forget their languages and adapt the white way of living and thinking. In the story, residential schools forced individuals to either act as if their not indigenous or run away from all the cruelty. The psychological damages or residential schools are still affecting the well-being of so many Indigenous Peoples till this day.


Aboriginal: Refers to the people who were existing before the arrival of colonist. It includes the Inuit, Métis and First Nations.

Métis: Group of people who are mixed with indigenous and European descent.

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