The power is the thing which is present everywhere in this universe. People can feel power in the relationships and the other human interactions. In the concept of family, it is conceptualized as “the ability” of a person to influence or change the behavior of the other family members. Different families have the different types of persons, they have different perspectives. The decision making in these families is based on every individual’s opinion. Power is the ability of a person to get engage in the family and influences the decisions in the family. There are the adults who can show power in the decisions of elders.

The dimension of the Power is based on the different factors such as family structure, developmental stage, the other stressors. Family decision making is based on the opinion of different individuals.But in some families, the decision making is based only on the opinion of one person of the family. in this case, the whole power is in the hands of one person. For example, the decision of buying something new for the house is totally controlled by the person who has the power in the family.The person who has the power sets the rules for the family. The set of rules in the family that every family member has to follow. In some families, the power is divided in the different family members. Every member share their views and make decision together. They share the opinions and decision making.

In my family, everyone is connected to each other. We have strong emotional bond in the family. I have cohesive type of family, we have loyalty, emotional connection. The opinions and views are shared with each other but the final decision is made by my father. He has the power to accept or reject our choices. He can change our decision about anything.For example, in my family, the decision of choosing my career is my choice, but it needs the approval of my father.




Paulon,W (July 2020) : Retrieved from Understanding the families week 9

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