Professional Bio

I am Dominic Drouin, second-year student at the Bachelor of Education : Secondary, History, Citizenship, Ethics and Religious Culture. As I always loved studying history and philosophy, I could not see myself teaching other subjects. Considering that I am very concerned about life in society in general as well as international relations in politics and sociology, I strongly think that a teacher should always prepare students for living in an open and changing society.

Having completed a bachelor of political science (Université de Montréal, 2005), a bachelor of law (Université Laval, 2009), and a graduate diploma in international law (Université Laval, 2011), I have the necessary knowledge about politics, life in society and world relations for a high school student to learn in history and citizenship courses.

I have always been drawn to education, even acting as a substitute teacher back in 2006, but I long considered myself too young to be the good teacher I wanted to be. I decided to pursue a career in law and diplomacy instead, but due to scarce employment opportunities in the field and a change of heart, I left to do what I always wanted. This gave me the chance to reorient my career, and I found myself old enough to become a teacher in the subjects I do not only enjoy, but in which I have experience.



Josh Strano Howard February 19, 2019, 2:17 AM

Sounds like you are going to become a brilliant a respected teacher !

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