Proposal Assignment

Sandy Iakovidis (1776048)

Barbara Grafopoulos (1831865) 

9/11 and Canadian Muslim Communities:What Happened?


On September 11, 2001, a terrorist group of 19 Arab men hijacked planes and crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the Twin Towers killing 2,977 people. Since this day, Muslim people are viewed as dangerous individuals and have been given the stereotype of “terrorist”. We chose this topic because we believe that the actions of 19 men should not impact and change the way we see 2.3 million muslim people in Canada. We would like to spread light on this serious topic as we believe it is important not to permanently stereotype a specific race due to a terrorist attack that occurred 20 years ago. The first sub-topic we will discuss in our project is islamophobia in Canada, the impact it has left of the Muslim community, specifically how they feel they are being treated and the systemic changes that occurred after the 9/11 attack. Another issue we would also like to speak about is how Canadian muslim communites felt and were treated with surveillance and security. After 9/11, the security and surveillance on this community became tougher and gave them challenges with it.  Muslims have experienced discrimination and negative stereotypes as well as vilified. We would explore how they felt and what it would be like to be put in their shoes. We want to get a real understanding of how Muslims felt and may still feel up to today about what the impact was like after 9/11.  This theme fits into what we have spoken about in class and watched in Reel Bad Arabs as we have the opportunity to expand on this topic with the knowledge we have gained. 


A problem we foresee while doing this project has to do with the fact that we are doing this solely online. It may occur that we lose our internet connection which can result in lost work. Another possible  problem with doing this project solely online is lack of communication between the both of us. Furthermore, we also foresee a problem with time management as we don’t have a great deal of time to complete the project due to the class being an intensive course. Lastly, a problem we also foresee is the lack of academic resources. Since we have strict restrictions due to COVID-19, it is harder to get access to a library to receive more knowledge of our project topic. 

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Leila Bdeir teacher January 9, 2021, 5:06 PM

Sources: Most of them are not correctly formatted. How come that is when three of them are? I am able to give you full marks because I found three within them which are correct. Content: I think you are definitely off to a good start. In your first point when you talked about "systemic changes" I automatically thought of the issues you mentioned in your second point- such as security and surveillance. Perhaps you could divide the oral as follows: 1-overview of what happened on 911, and how Muslims/Arabs came to be viewed by the rest of Canadians (stereotypes, media representation, hate crimes like vandalism of mosques or attacks on the street); 2-legal and other measures such as surveillance, arrests, changing of immigration policy etc. Problems: I'm sorry you are potentially facing such obstacles. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance. 10/10

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