Publications and Journals

Shawn L. Ralston

Journal of American Association of Pediatric

November 2014

My youngest child has chronic bronchiolitis. When he was four months old, he began to breath very fast. He is not an asthmatic but his airway reacts to any type of common cold. When he was an infant he had RSV and we ended up staying in the hospital for 6 days. It is very scary to watch your child breath that fast, eventually refusing to eat or play. After what happened I decided to educate myself about this condition and what treatment is out there when he is sick. This helped me to prepare mentally if we ever ended up in the hospital again. I read many articles about bronchiolitis but this one had explanations for different types of treatments based on studies. iI goes on when to use oxygen, steroids, racemic epinephrine and pulse oximetry. Most articles that I found online gave a general definition of what bronchiolitis is, but I wanted to read what the doctors were reading. This allowed me to have better conversations with doctors about his treatment plan.


Jerry Ssebugwawo September 24, 2020, 12:47 AM

Having a young child having breathing problems is one of the most scarily thing. Being a nurse myself, I have seen people having attacks from breathing and having the right treatment at that time. You are right about knowing the disease process and its treatment or care.

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