Sand treasure hunt

  • Age group-Kindergarten

  • Materials: Scoops, sand-pullers(play tool), empty baskets, a tub, a table, coins and small toys.

  • Idea derived from: youtube-

In this video, the children are using different sand pulling tools to find the hidden treasure.

  • Activity:

1. Fill the tub with the sand and hide the coins and small toys such as mini cars, animal toys into the soil.

2. Place the tub onto a table where 4-5 children can play together. Also, place an empty basket on near the tub.

3. Provide children with different sand play tools such as scoops and sand-pullers.

4. The Kindergartners will find the treasure materials and collect them in the basket.

  • OE illustration:

In the area of 'Problem-solving and Innovating', children may practice the skill of 'select and use the tools, equipment and materials' when finding the hidden treasure from soil using different tools such as scoops and sand pullers.(Ontario Ministry of Education, 2016 p.303)

In the area of 'Problem-solving and Innovating', children may demonstrate the skill of 'use problem-solving strategies,on their own and with others' while trying to find out the hidden coins and toys. (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2016 p.296)

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