September 12th


In Lisa Girbav’s essay, she started with a land acknowledgement from which she was conducting her interview. This was taught to us in the first class to show respect and acknowledgement to communities in which ancestral land belonged to. Furthermore, she spoke about the issues of assimilation and the systems that were put in the canadian state to ensure that individuals like her cannot speak her native tongue. We learned this in class by studying residential schools and the horrors that came from such a system. She argues that indigenous peoples are not fighting for special treatment but basic human rights. Due to all the historical  tragedies caused by the Canadian government in correlation with Indigenous history, they consequently can’t enjoy or relate to Canada day.

Q2:Emotional Labour and Ally-ship   

Ryan McMahon spoke about the emotional labour that comes with Canada 150 and it truly spoke to me. For Indigenous Peoples, it's been 150 years of oppression, colonization, assimilation and discrimination. The lead up to Canada 150 has been  violent and no one is truly speaking about the controversy with celebrating such a holiday. I agree with him when he mentioned that non Indigenous canadians should use their voices and reject Canada 150 or at least makes sure that they mention to their peers and families that Canada’s history didn't start 150 years ago. It's imperative to educate the masses to have less ignorance in our society.


The talk about love was interesting to me because expressions of love is a positive thing no matter the context. Love can solve so many problems for indigenous peoples and non indigenous peoples. If everyone lives in peace and harmony, the emotional labour that indigenous peoples have to endure can reduce. With love,  non indigenous canadians would want to see the prosperity and the liberation of indigenous Peoples. With love, non Indigenous canadians would be happy to see the expressions of indigenous cultures throughout the natation, without having the fear of being judged or belittled. Love can honestly change the world.

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