Should college students live alone?

Do you live alone? According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2014), about 40 percentage of students live alone. If you want to live alone, you will need many preparations. For example, enough money for the life, rent for an apartment, furniture and electronic products. In addition, if you start to live alone, you will have to do everything on your own. From now, I am going to describe whether college students should live alone or not. 

First, I would like to tell you about opinions in favor side. I think that as for living alone, there are a lot of merits. For instance, if they begin to live alone, they will be able to make it on their own. If they live alone, they have to do everything by yourself. As the result, they will become self-sustaining than now. Therefore, they make good use of their spare time. They can use that all time for their own. In addition, they will be able to appreciate their parents for raising them. It would be too late to notice this when they become an adult. It is important to notice something before they become adults.

Next, I am going to tell you about opposite opinions. As mentioned above, about 40 percentage of students live alone, which means the number of students who live with their family is larger than students living alone. They have to satisfy many conditions in order to live alone. Additionally, living with theirs parents at home is more convenient than living alone. For example, it is easy to commute to that university from your house. Besides, they don’t need to use much money to live. It doesn’t cost them much for life at home. Furthermore, their parents make food for them. One hard thing about living on my their own is that they have to do everything by themselves. I think that it is equipped with relaxing environment because their parents are at home. 

In conclusion, I think that college students may want to live alone. I am living at home, but I think that I want to live alone. I can do housework which are cooking, cleaning, washing and so forth. If I lived alone, I would grow up more than now. So, I think that college students ought to live alone if possible. They will be able to learn many things by living alone.

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