Small talk for our forest's mess

Up to date, forest as provided food, energy, work and many more to human kind from all around the world. Now, they’re the last vestiges of traditional liberties and yet, still so much to understand. Sadly, we consume the entire world, forest included, for our comfort, in the name of progress and that kind of stuff. Good part is, I’ll get a job to clean the mess... a part of it, to be a bit more accurate. Such as wild clear cuts (no name drop here, don’t need to...), abandoned industrial business (still no name drop), wild dumps, etc. (Human’s creativity to create more than more, guaranties my future’s career). On a positive note, here in Quebec, law preserve a part of those vestiges so that we can all enjoy. Without some work providers creating organize chaos at some exceptions, I said it was here in Quebec, because there are always exceptions... always if not it’s already in the law! But clean and cheap electricity to all means compromise, but that’s for another tale of the Boreal forest’s mess. Prayer's for-rest.

Environmental studies and forestry Forest


Nathan Yerg teacher September 17, 2020, 1:07 PM

Very poetic and thought provoking, Simon.

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