Sustainable Shopping

Dear readers,

We each took a picture of our closets as a representation of the authors' main argument of the article. The article “Style that’s Sustainable” written by Nathalie Remy, Eveline Speelman, and Steven Swartz argues about our ‘consumption’ of clothing that has doubled from 2000 to 2014 and is on track to keep increasing as more people have buying power; and access to fast-fashion. Moreover, the article discusses the factors in the fashion industry that make it non-sustainable; the manufacturing process, the turn-over, and the inefficient disposal of clothes. Our closets picture above are filled with clothes and accessories which are all made by low-paid factory workers, and materials that are harmful to the environment. We had a group discussion about our closets; and Georgia stated that rather than throwing away her old clothing, she donates them to Syrian refugees. Sydnie stated that she buys her clothes second hand. Donating clothing to those in need or to thrift shops, as well as purchasing second hand clothing, can help eliminate waste. Furthermore, another suggestion could be to use clothing to create a new clothing article. It is time for us to become conscientious about our actions, for the sake of our Earth.


Georgia, Jade, Sydnie, Mani and Kim

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