Test 1 (Part 2)

Safe diapering is considered to be very important to reduce the spread of germs and infections. It is very complicated in child care centres, so it is essential to talk to the child to make it more easier. For example, an educator can say to the child, "it is the time to change the dirty diapers, let me remove your pants" to make it more comfortable for the child. Listening and talking also promotes language development. A particular diapering protocol is followed by centres to prevent the spread of any disease. Educator cannot apply anything on the skin of the children without the permission of their parents. Firstly, it is very important to organise and wash hands and at the last, it is necessary to record diaper change, diaper's content, and any problem related to it.

To know the full diapering protocol, this video link is very useful: https://youtu.be/xdZ1pgEW5Wc

Ashu Verma

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