Test-1 (part 2)

I want to talk about the ELECT document which was introduced to us by Mr. Paulon in the class. It is recognized as a foundational document in early years sector. The goal of this document is to support early childhood educators and other early learning practitioners, as they work in early childhood settings, including child care centres. ELECT is based on research and perspectives from diverse fields of knowledge. It recognizes the distinct values held by families, communities, and cultures.

It is a document which is very important to an ECE or any person working in the field. This helps instructors to recognise what skills children are developing.

There are five domains social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language present in the document for different age groups such as infants, toddlers and preschoolers. There are also indicators of the skills and some activities to support children to develop the skills they are emerging. With the help of this one can find out the specific skill emerging in child and plan activities to help child to develop it.

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