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Partnership Between Parents and Caregivers

Parents are the on who take each and every decision for their child. So, the partnership with parents is always very helpful. This helps to engage parents even more with what their child is doing or should do. For a successful partnership staff should always listen and talk to parents. Every important decision related to the child in a child care center should be made after discussing with his/her parents. This will make them feel equally important and involved. Doing this will leave no chance of conflict or complaints from parents. It is very important to understand the point-of-views of parents too. Parents should also try their best to co-operate with the staff.

Partnerships between parents and caregivers/staff will benefit the children a lot. When parents and teachers exchange information about the child, they can figure out about the needs of the children. This will help a lot in the child's proper development. Knowing about the families of children, caregivers will be able to know about the environment in which the child lives and about the important people in his/her life. Children will feel more safe and will trust the staff who are respected and supported by their family and who respect and support their family in return. When children see good conversations between their parents and carers, they will begin to learn the importance to build healthy relationships.

The families will also benefit a lot from this partnership They will comfortable to leave their child with staff they know and trust. It will be easy for them to have staff who cares about their interests and values. At last, I think these type of partnerships should always be promoted.

I wan to share this article which tells a lot about the benefits of parent-teacher partnerships. The name of the article is "Building Parent-Teacher Relationships" and is written by American Federation Of Teachers. Th link for this article is :https://www.readingrockets.org/article/building-parent-teacher-relationships

Shinepreet Kaur

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