A diaper or a nappy is a type of clothing that helps the wearer to urinate or defecate without using a toilet, by removing or collecting waste material to avoid soiling of outer clothes or the surrounding atmosphere.

Diapering is one of the key routines of all childcare centres. It is important to change the baby's diapers regularly, because the urine combined with the bacteria in the poo can make the skin sore and cause diaper rash. Diapers are changed at the prescribed times by the instructor to secure babies from rash, bacterial infection, and other serious health issues.

Benefits of diaper changing routine:

-   Changing diaper after every 2 hours help children from bacteria infection.

- It helps babies to protect them from skin allergy problem due to their sensitive


-While changing diaper apply some cream or powder for their relaxation

Steps of diaper changing:

Step1: Prepare

Cover the changeable surface of the diaper with disposable liner. If you are going to use diaper cream, put it into a towel now.

 Bring your supplies (e.g., clean slides, wipes, diaper cream, gloves, soiled clothing plastic or waterproof bag, extra clothing) to the diapering area

Step2: Clean Child

Place the child on diapering surface and unfasten diaper. Clean the child’s diaper area with disposable wipes. Always wipe front to back!

Keep soiled diaper/clothing away from any surfaces that cannot be easily cleaned. Securely bag soiled clothing.

Step3: Remove trash

Place used wipes in the soiled diaper.

Discard the soiled diaper and wipes in the trash can.

Remove and discard gloves, if used

Step4: Replace diaper

Slide a fresh diaper under the child.

Apply diaper cream, if needed, with a tissue or a freshly gloved finger.

 Fasten the diaper and dress the child.

Step5: watch child’s hand

Wash the hands of children with water and soap and place them in a safe, supervised area.

Step 6: Clean up

Remove the liner from the surface of change and discard it in the trash can .Use damp paper towels or a baby wipe to wipe any visible soil .Wet the entire surface with a disinfectant; make sure that the disinfecting spray, fluid or wipe is read and follow the directions. Choose the correct disinfectant for the surface paper.

Step7: wash your hands

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.


Examples of diaper changing process:

Sing a face-to - face touch Song and Inspire.

Pick Out and Call Specific Body Parts for your infant.

To play with, give them a toy.

Decorate the Chamber.

Using Cream for Babies.

This video is very very helpful to understand better how to change diaper properly step by step


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