The Bar Code Tattoo (Tropes)

The Bar Code Tattoo

In the book The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn there are many tropes. But the trope that I will be explaining is government control. In the book the government also known as the Global-1 controls the society, by enforcing rules that helps them track every citizens information. So no one can hide any secret from anyone because The Bar code Tattoo says all of your personal information, so the second you turn seventeen you are forced to get a Bar Code tattoo. 

Global-1 one forces rules in the society for example after you turn seventeen you need to get a Bar Code tattoo. “Because they’re now inserting chips in every baby’s foot. And in those chips is each baby’s genetic code”(Weyn 140). This quotes choose that now everyone is getting codes. So that the Global-1 can know everything about your life. When the  Bar Codes are scanned you can find out everything on the person. For example Insurance will find out your family history and how much money you have. Global-1 is forcing people to get Bar Codes so that they know where you are.The Bar Codes are also needed to buy things, get a job and to get your driver's license. This Bar Code Tattoo affects everyone's lives and killing people. The GlobalOfficers patrol the city and makes lies about others. The Government also control the society but letting the doctors kill their patients so that the Insurance don't have to pay for nursing homes. 

The author does an effective job of using Government control to show that its is a dystopian society. We can see that everyone is forced to get a barcode tattoo and if you didn't want to get one you won't live a miserable life since you would be out in jail or have to run away from Global-1. Kayla the main character doesn’t want to get a Bar Code tattoo because of what happened to her dad. The Bar Codes is the evil in this book and the author shows this by explaining how it's taking over people's lives.


Maya Saini November 17, 2019, 1:28 PM

Nice work Ericka! I like the example and quote that you gave to explain the trope you have chosen. Be careful again with spelling and punctuation mistakes as well as run on sentences. Really good job!

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