The Canadian shield

Living in Quebec means most likely that you have experienced being in the forest alone or with family/friends. In my case it was with my aunt and my uncle who introduce me to the forest and what you can do in it. For example : hunting, fishing, snowmobile, cottage, tree houses. With my uncle introducing me to a new world i had acquired new basic knowledge on how to build tree houses. Now with that knowledge i had to share it with my friends at home. We started building tree houses and everytime they would break but it didn’t matter we tried again and again until one hold together and it still exist to this day.

#canada #forest


Philippe Tremblay September 28, 2020, 3:46 PM

I really anjoy your post my friend, because this text really represented your mentality and how good of a personne your are. Your post make me think that is very important to not let go what we are doing to have a great based for our future.

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