Thirty years later, there are still scars from the Oka Crisis

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This article discusses the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Oka Crisis on July 11. The Oka Crisis was a standoff between the Canadian government and the Mohawks which lasted 78 days. The government wanted to build a golf course on a sacred Mohawk cemetery without consulting the indigenous population and telling them that their land was yet again being taken away unjustly.The altercation turned violent when the tactical squad fired into the crowd of protestors and unleashed tear gas on the group of unarmed people. This incident left the Indigenous community with scars and shows us just how much more the Canadian government must do before reconciliation can even be considered.


  • Diversity: Indigenous people used to be the sole inhabitants of Canadian land until the colonizers showed up. From that moment, the Europeans did everything in their power to eradicate that part of the population, from spreading disease to assimilating them into religion. Thankfully, the Europeans could not accomplish their task and the Indigenous population was resilient to their attempts. In present times, Indigenous people make up only 4.9% of the Canadian population and have been forced to live on reserves.

  • Oppression of power: Indigenous communities all over Canada are unfairly oppressed by the government. Since the Europeans came and colonized their land, the Indigenous populations have been subjected to cruel treatment. Still today, the government holds this colonizer power over them and yet nothing is done to change the situation. We are living on their land and still Indigenous people must deal with stereotypes, racism and unfair living conditions all due to the Canadian government and racial bias.

  • Empowerment: In order to help raise awareness and create change for the Indigenous people, the WHOLE of the community needs to get involved. It is clear, that the government of Canada has not given the Indigenous population a voice and we must take charge in helping improve their situation. It is awful that the government that is in place to help people, has left this kind of mistreatment continue for so long; something has to be done.


Stephen Mandi July 7, 2020, 12:22 AM

Thank you for providing great insight and exposure on a topic that does not receive the attention it should. The indigenous communities have been bullied by government over the course of many years and not people need to know!

Nick Maniatis July 7, 2020, 1:26 AM

Thank you for voicing your concern on the matter. We are all equals and should be treated as such.

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