trope brave new world

The use of tropes are very common in dystopian novels and Brave New World is no exception. Tropes are used very well in the novel Brave New World world however I wanted to point my attention to one trope that I found to be the most effective and most important of the book. The trope I will be discussing and found the most compelling  is the fake utopia that this book presents. The people of this book think that they live in a perfect society where everyone is happy and beautiful and acts the same way. This Is thought to be ideal because this way everything stays in control but seeing this is a fake utopia. Where people believe their lives are better at first but realize that their miserable and are tricked into believing that they are happy.

This trope is used mostly at the beginning of the book in a way that makes you see what the characters in this novel think and how they could believe that this world is a utopian society. At the very beginning of the book there are students visiting a cloning and irthing station. They are asking questions and interested to learn, you can clearly see that they all believe that this way of living is the best way. You can also see that when the director starts to brag about their highest number of clones and then starts to talk about other county’s most number of clones, as if it was an honour if you can create more clones. It's also showed when you see that the only emotion that people feel in this world is happiness however that begs the question. If you're always happy, how can you truly be happy? People think that sadness is unthinkable and that everyone should always be the same and feel the same way.

I think that Aldous huxley did a great job of showing how the characters in this book think that this world is a utopia but also showing us how this society is clearly dystopian and far different from ours. You can see how these people live miserable lives and are completely unaware. It makes me think that one day we could be living in a similar society and we would also not see the dystopia. As time goes on we forget the past and we might forget what it was like to live as we do now and think that we are improving but we are overall unhappy.

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