Video Games Aren’t Why Shootings Happen. Politicians Still Blame Them.

Analyzing an Article

By Seddik A.

Summary of article:

           In the USA they suffer from a massive problem of school shootings. The number of school shootings have been increasing drastically each year and with any major problem that needs urgent attention, the Politicians need to deflect and point towards a reason for this tragic reoccurring situation since the 1999. A mast majority of politicians blame the Video Game industry. They say that the gory and gruesome and that they are easily accessible.

Premise 1:

           There are multiple studies that prove that there is not enough evidence that violent video games are the cause of violent behaviour. From the article Chris Ferguson a psychology professor at Stetson University said that “The data on bananas causing suicide is about as conclusive” as the correlation between violent video games and violent actions.

Premise 2:

           If violent video games were the cause of violent actions, then why is this problem mainly only in the USA were they have less strict laws on gun control. Japan and North Korea are much big that the USA when it comes to the gaming scene since they spend a lot more money on tournaments and prize winnings. These two countries also have more strict gun laws than the US and a lot less cases of school shootings.


           In conclusion violent video games are not the cause of these violent actions we see happening in the USA with the school shootings. There is still not enough scientific research that proves these accusations and proof from other countries. Why is it mainly the USA facing these issues?


I believe that this source is reliable, since The New York Times is known to be one of the mainstream new outlets with minimal partisan bias.

The premise are very acceptable. The reason I believe this is because of the points that were made about the problem mainly being in the USA and the fact of lack of scientifical proof.

I was overall convinced by the article because they were not trying to force this to the readers without any information. I believe that it was the perfect size of text as well that it is very straight to the point and prove the facts.

Author: Kevin Draper

Article: Video Games Aren’t Why Shootings Happen. Politicians Still Blame Them.

Date of publication: August 6th 2019


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