Virtual exchange

My name is Raquel, I´m 20 years old, and in December I´m 21. I study at the Catholic University of Valencia, in a town called Godella, where I prepare to be a primary school teacher, which includes children between 6 and 12 years old. I have a dog of four months and I love spending time with him, in my spare time we go to the beach for a walk, I also like to spend time with my fiends, go to the cinema and to dinner.

Hello, my name is Andrea. I’m 19 year old and I study teaching at the Catholic University of Valencia. I live in Gandia with my parents. I don’t have brothers or sisters but I have a dog that I love. But during the week I live in Valencia in a flat with a friend, because the University are there. I love the dogs, is my favorite animal and listen to music. My favorite music are reggaeton and electronic music. I like sports too. My favorite sport is football and my team is Valencia. When my team plays in the field I usually go to see it with my friends. My day to day in Valencia is go to class in the morning, do my homework and study a little in the afternoon and go to the gym in the evening. During the summer I like go to the party with my friends. But what I really like are the music festivals. I usually go to The Medusa, an electronic music festival in Cullera, every year. What about you?

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