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Active Learning………what a concept!

I’ve been using the unique opportunities Linkr affords teaching & learning for a while now; experimenting with my own teaching practices to refine how I design active learning experiences for my students. This includes co-authored research reviews, dynamic poster presentations and weekly topic debates at McGill University.

However, the project I am most excited to develop further involves a college level collaboration between the social sciences (psychology), the sciences (biology) and the humanities (ethics.)

My psychology students collaborated on creating research proposals that looked into exploring contemporary pharmacological (drug) therapies/treatments for chosen psychological disorders. Their challenge was to propose radical drug treatment research given current needs for improved therapy options. 

Then, Vanier College biology students analyzed the pharmacological treatment of choice from their expert perspectives and provided feedback to the psychology students. The biology students had the challenge of educating the psychology students on drug realities versus drug literature that one might access via less than optimal sources. 

Subsequent to this, ethics student at Dawson College joined the conversation. They commented on the ethics of the proposed research in an attempt to enlighten the psychology students on their chosen course of action. Their challenge was to support or dissuade the psychology students from engaging with their suggested research methodology utilizing a pertinent/relevant ethical theory.

Each group of students collaborated with their class peers to create a deep understanding of their subject learning objectives in preparation for course assessment. As well, each group of students engaged in meaningful cross-disciplinary dialogues. 

Student feedback indicated an appreciation for the opportunity to deepen their understanding of course materials utilizing real-world application. As well, students reported a heightened awareness of the relevance of their discipline to the grander context of contemporary issues.

-“Providing my expert feedback to other students from other disciplines felt important and meaningful.”-

Linkr…… what a virtual place!

Active learning


Gabriel Flacks teacher juin 3, 2019, 17:32

great ideas!

Essayez linkr, c’est gratuit !

linkr est facile à utiliser et va rendre vos cours plus interactifs